What Is a Creator? | +How to Improve Your Content Creation Skills

What is a creator? Don’t worry, this isn’t a philosophical think piece about religion and spirituality. We’re talking about content creators here. You’ve probably heard the term before, but what does it actually mean? Who counts as a creator and what is it that they do? Content is vital to creating a strong online presence … Đọc tiếp

What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing brands implement to provide value to their target market. Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable online material like videos and blog posts to stimulate interest in a brand’s products or services. This kind of marketing does not outwardly promote a brand but attracts, engages, and interests users … Đọc tiếp

25 Growth Hacks for the Informed Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you need all of the knowledge and skills possible to achieve growth for your business while helping your clients grow. You need to constantly update your skills and see where you can make improvements to your current processes. Check out these 25 growth hacks that will enhance your skills as a … Đọc tiếp

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Get Verified on Facebook

Be honest. You want that blue checkmark, don’t you? No matter the platform, getting verified is one of the best ways to establish credibility on social media. With social media filled to the brim with fake accounts and bots, it just makes sense that social media platforms let brand accounts get verified so users know … Đọc tiếp