7 Email Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Get Real Results

Despite the cyclical cry of “email marketing is dead” by marketing writers pushing the next big thing, email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies around. With email, your brand can reach leads and customers on a more personal level to build those ever-important relationships you’ll need to move them through your … Đọc tiếp

Email Personalization Best Practices that Get Results

Email personalization can help you better connect with your target audience than a generic, one-size-fits-all message or offer. When your subscribers receive emails using their name, location, information about previous purchases, or other personalized information, it makes them feel as though you’re writing just to them and makes them more open to what you have … Đọc tiếp

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing ROI (Return on Investment)

You probably already know that email marketing has the best return on investment of any marketing channel—4200%, in fact. That means for every $1 you invest in email marketing, you have the potential of earning back $42. Of course, email marketing requires its fair share of resources to do it right. That’s why we’ve put … Đọc tiếp

8 Email Marketing Predictions for 2021 to Boost Engagement and Revenue

A global pandemic can really stir things up in the marketing world. In 2020, we’ve seen some big changes in digital marketing and 2021 is likely to bring even more changes. As a digital marketer, it’s important to pay attention to trends so you can stay on top of changing best practices without disrupting your … Đọc tiếp