27 Female YouTubers You Need to Keep an Eye Out For 

YouTube is a beast. It’s the second largest search engine on the internet behind Google. Content creators on YouTube take advantage of the opportunities the platform offers thanks to their determination and creativity. Many of the top YouTube creators even make good money by doing what they love. Many YouTubers have millions of views and … Đọc tiếp

Influencer Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) | The Complete Guide

Let’s start this off with a thought experiment. You work in the marketing department of a large company, and have been tasked with taking it into the 21st century using influencer marketing. Your boss has been reading about this new form of digital marketing, and she’s gotten pretty excited by all the articles she’s come … Đọc tiếp

Employee Activation Program: Your Complete Guide to Success

No matter what position you might hold in the marketing department at your company, you’ve probably been inundated with “buzzwords” and new strategies on some recurring basis.  Yet many of those seemingly buzzy terms can quickly become valuable to the success of the business, especially when it comes to lead and demand generation. For example, … Đọc tiếp