Does Socially Conscious Advertising Work?

Key Takeaways Companies perceived as socially and environmentally conscious score higher with brand recognition, customer loyalty, employee retention, and motivation. Brands need to develop clear messages that are specific and that address the social context and issues relevant to their customers. In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the death of George … Đọc tiếp

Acts of Kindness Can Aid Well-Being, Study Shows

Key Takeaways Behavior that relies on cooperation and altruism can increase your sense of well-being, a recent study suggests. Researchers said kindness tends to have a modest connection to health and psychological function, but can have a significant impact on community health. Certain types of kindness are more powerful than others; those that are unplanned … Đọc tiếp

How a State of Flow Can Aid Your COVID Well-Being

Key Takeaways A state of “flow” is when you lose yourself in a particular activity—one that is relatively challenging and lets you monitor your progress toward a specific goal. Many people have reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health. Researchers found that people who achieved a state of … Đọc tiếp

How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Mental Health World

Stay-at-home orders, unemployment, loneliness, economic shutdowns, climbing death rates, mask-wearing, and social distancing were the theme of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It took lives and livelihoods and changed how we work, go to school, interact with others, and view the world. We stayed home, learned to adapt through virtual interactions, and found creative … Đọc tiếp

“I Can’t Do This Anymore”: What to Do If You Are Experiencing Burnout

All of us have moments when we say to ourselves, “I can’t do this anymore.” Usually, these are times when you feel exhausted, depleted, overwhelmed, and unable to manage life’s stressors. In other words, if you’re saying to yourself, “I can’t do this anymore,” you might be experiencing the symptoms of burnout. Reaching a breaking … Đọc tiếp

How to Initiate Sex With Your Partner

Sex can be a pleasurable and wonderful experience to share with a partner. Every moment can be fun and enjoyable, from foreplay and teasing to the exploration of physical touch and sensations. The delightful details that you are seeing, feeling, touching, and tasing in each moment can be special and memorable for days and weeks … Đọc tiếp

Your Source of News Can Determine Your Response to COVID-19

Key Takeaways The news you consume may have a direct impact on your views of the COVID-19 pandemic. News outlets deemed more liberal have provoked more cautious behavior in viewers than more conservative-leaning sources. Some sources have rejected the advice of doctors and other experts, at times presenting counterfactual information that painted a flawed picture … Đọc tiếp

Housing Uncertainty Leads to Difficulty Sleeping, Study Shows

Key Takeaways Economic security has a direct correlation to mental and physical health. Those who stress about housing sleep less than those who are housing stable, a new study shows. An increasing number of Americans are at risk of housing insecurity, with 18.3 million paying at least half of their income on their rent or … Đọc tiếp

My Journey Through Fibromyalgia, IBS, and Mental Distress

My relationship with unexplained health issues has been a long one. The excruciating leg and arm pain I experienced since the age of 4 was considered “growing pain” until high school when they eventually piggybacked it off of my mother’s diagnosis of fibromyalgia. At the age of 16, my mother began to grow concerned about … Đọc tiếp